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Planitec is guided by its single mission: to combine the conditions for successful project for its customers and help them gain maturity in project management.

Accompanying industrial projects to success

To fulfill its mission, Planitec plays a role in all the components of project management: structuring, planning, management of costs, risks and resources, communication or Earned Value Management. Being both expert and practitioner in the field of project management, Planitec offers its industrial clients a range of 5 services, combined to meet their challenges: Operational support (PMO), Consulting, Training, Information System integration (I.S.) and on the international level, Project Management Services (PMS).

Making transformations easy

Planitec knows how to turn its project management expertise to ensure the success of its customers’ transformation whether they are organizational or digital. To deal with the increasing complexity of the projects involved, the multiplication of virtual teams and the shorter time-to-market, Planitec supports its customers in defining collaborative working environments and taking the digital turn with respect to their working methods. Planitec is ready to make a long-term investment into innovating solutions, offering its customers the best solutions for tomorrow.