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4 questions to Didier Leclerc, CEO of Planitec.

How do you explain Planitec’s success with the biggest names in the industry?



We have been offering our clients performance through project management for several decades now. What clearly comes out of our “voice of customers” approach is Planitec’s capacity to associate project management excellence with a strong technical competence. The fact that we quickly understand our clients’ main topics enhanced by our organization in dedicated departments, ensures the relevance of our solutions.


What is the role of your consultants in Planitec’s value proposition?

One of my convictions is that “the only wealth is man”: this Jean Bodin’s maxim takes its full meaning in Planitec’s job, as the human factor is key for the success of any project. Our consultants come from recognised engineering schools and Planitec is committed in the continuous improvement of their skills thanks to a strong HR policy.

How do you address the challenges of cost and time control and the ever increasing risks of your clients?

We explore new solutions to help them keep a step ahead and to satisfy their own clients. We want to broaden our service offering with Lean management, agile methods, 4D-scheduling… Furthermore, reaching our profitable growth target allows us to support our innovation capacity and to explore new potentialities, e.g. using big data in our scope.

What outlook has Planitec for its development?

Our ambition is to continue positioning Planitec as a leader in his market, in an increasingly competitive environment. To this end, we will maintain the highest level of excellence in our core business, focusing on the largest industrial projects. We also want to bring our know-how to other sectors such as, oil and gas, life sciences or services sector. Finally, we will continue expanding our international business with setec and our PMS offer as well as through the development of our subsidiaries setec IPMC and Planitec GmbH.