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4 questions to Didier Leclerc, CEO of Planitec.

What makes market leaders trust Planitec for the management of their complex projects?

In 2020, Planitec celebrates its 50th anniversary. That only says enough about the experience we have gained in project management. We are pioneers of our industry and we keep on innovating to bring excellence with each service we deliver to our customers. Just like bakers… there are many in town, but we pride ourselves in making bread that is renowned for its quality. It’s all about the details : training our people on the most innovative project management methods, our local management, the benchmark we provide to our customers thanks to our experience in many industries such as aerospace, railway, naval, and energy.

Why join Planitec?

50% of our people are women and 50% are men (a pretty well-balanced ratio); all have a Bachelor of Engineering degree. They join a company with human and benevolent values where management, up to the top, is attentive to each and every employee. Our University enables everyone to continuously increase their skills. We pay close attention to Knowledge Management in order to boost innovation and creativity. We offer exciting missions in high-tech environments, in main employment areas in France and worldwide. Besides their assignments for customers, our people are empowered to become actors of Planitec’s development. Our consultants rapidly become project management specialists. This increases their value on the employment market, and as a matter of fact, our customers often want to hire them after a few years with us. Planitec is a happy place to work. The results of our last survey on “wellbeing at work “ show it: our teams are happy!

Which career path is possible at Planitec?

In Europe, more than 40% of the working hours are dedicated to projects. Our teams have a strong lever to progress all along their career path! At Planitec, our people evolve towards expert or management positions or they create their own business. Most importantly, they are in a company with an entrepreneur mindset, which is the DNA of Setec group.

What is your vision about Planitec’s development?

We are focused on our core business: project management for complex projects. We operate across the whole value chain: System Engineering with our subsidiary Setec IPMC, training, project support (PMO), project lead, and support to large companies for the implementation of project management digital systems. We develop partnerships of excellence to bring our customers a whole range of complementary and related services. We diversify the markets we work for. And we are developing a global footprint: today in Germany where we have a subsidiary, Planitec GmbH, and in other European countries; tomorrow in North America and in Australia.