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With a well-structured Knowledge Management approach, and innovating projects led by its partners, Planitec designs project management methods that are increasingly efficient.

The knowledge management approach

Sharing our knowledge and feedback to help our consultants grow, and finally, offer our customers Best in Class service is the goal of Planitec’s Knowledge Management. Managed by a dedicated reference base, there is a rich ecosystem behind this approach.

  • PlaniWiki is the collaborative knowledge base at Planitec, opening the doors for our partners to the full range of Planitec’s expertise (methods benchmarking, feedback, indicators …).
  • Webinars held monthly enable our partners to share their experience with a tool, a methodology or a project through interactive mini-conferences …
  • Planitec Breakfasts are an opportunity for our customers to get together and talk about the major themes (critical chain method, innovations etc.), encouraging experience sharing between our customers and our experts.

Innovating with éChange projects

Innovation is at the heart of our strategy, incarnated in an ambitious project portfolio, éChange projects. With the backing of a Planitec staff members team, these projects give everybody, even the most junior staff members, an opportunity to delve deeper into transversal subjects and contribute to Planitec’s future success. One of the current éChange projects is dedicated to the exploring of big data potentialities in project management. By offering better capitalization on experience, big data provides many opportunities for increasingly predictive project management.