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Planitec applies the Lean method for improved efficiency in project steering and integrates Visual Management for an increasing number of customers.

Efficient and collaborative project steering

Visual Management or obeya entails setting up ‘control rooms’ giving a clear visual indication of the key indicators of a project. This method enables the team to monitor the project with greater efficiency as it progresses, accelerating the decision-making and problem solving processes, and working together on a collaborative basis. By defining the most relevant steering indicators for each project, Planitec makes Visual Management a key advantage for project success.

Digital visual management

With the growth in the number of projects involving remote teams, Planitec gives its customers advice about the potential of the various market tools, proposing the solution best suiting their needs. The use of Digital Visual Management is going to accelerate. At Planitec, the goal is to explore tools likely to improve efficiency for projects, generating gains for our customers.