With its consulting offer, Planitec helps growing companies to formalize their project management processes for optimal business performance.

Long-term improvment of processes

Facing increasingly strong requirements from their clients, SME ask Planitec to assist them in increasing their project management maturity. Thanks to an offer combining operational diagnosis, adapted solutions and support during the appropriation phase, Planitec enables its customers to sustainably improve their processes, their resources management and therefore their performances.

From diagnosis to appropriation

After a diagnosis phase allowing the identification of the customer’s key elements, Planitec proposes a way to formalize processes and a fitting organization, supported by the implementation of decision support tools (dashboards, syntheses…). Planitec introduces proven project management methods (workload/capacity, Earned Value Management, critical chain, etc.) to benefit its clients. During the deployment and appropriation phase, our consultants rely on their experience to facilitate change management within the organization.

Focus project

Project Management process for the nuclear sector

1. At a glance:

Increasing the maturity of the project players through shared and rigorous processes The Head of Department in charge of Nuclear Sector maintenance projects wishes to set up a consistent and rigorous project management solution based on the current processes, in...read more

2. The Planitec added value:

A solution relying on the expertise of the Nuclear processes and on PMI, while targeting “quick wins”:Using the existing organisation to define and implement the procedures and tools to manage the department’s lead times and workloads. This includes a situation...read more