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The human being at the core of our company

Specialised in project management, we are recognised for our expertise. How do we make a difference? Our corporate culture is centered on the human being, which aims at bringing success to all: our consultants, our company and our customers.

Benevolence and proximity management

Our consultants confirm*: benevolence, trust-based relationships and proximity management are the pillars of our corporate culture.

Training, skills development, and sharing

Thanks to a strong training and knowledge management policy since day one at Planitec, our colleagues access a rich professional path where everyone can grow.

Exciting missions for great customers

Thanks to his/her technical skills and humane qualities, each consultant contributes to the success of complex projects of our industry-leading customers such as Airbus, Alstom, EDF, Naval Group, and Safran.

An independent company

As our group, Setec, Planitec is owned by its employees: our independence grants respect of our customers’ and our people’s interest.

Wellbeing at work

Our colleagues tell us that*:
2/3 are happy or very happy at work,
94% have a trust-based professional relationship with their manager,
95% go along well with their customer, and 98% work in a team with a good atmosphere
*Internal survey, 2019

Equal opportunities

With 49% of women in our teams, Planitec is an equal opportunity employer. This is even more an achievement that our recruits come from a rather masculine environment, with women representing less than 30% of the graduates from engineering degrees.

Gender equality

Equality in salaries and salary increases, promotion, salary increase during maternity leave, work-life balance, gender diversity, part-time work… at Planitec, we act with the utmost respect of women and men who work in our teams.
Index Planitec 2020: 78/100

Our colleagues testify